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THE 80's STUDIO Pte Ltd

Address (Main) 81 Ubi Ave 4 #01-12
UB One Singapore 408830
Telephone +65 6604 8880
Fax +65 6604 8484
Email enquiry@the80studio.com
Website www.the80studio.com.sg

The 80's Studio Is a company that has the ability to bridge and create one of the best and exciting concepts, ranging from the classic to modern ideas. As we often find our inspiration not only from the modern environments, but also within retro and historic places.

Through our experience, we learn not to be limited by design rules. Being open and having free sense of design allows us to collaborate with client in order to search and integrate the right soul into the right designs that will be lasting and uniquely to the individual.

Our goal is to design truly innovative, user-friendly spaces that align and realize the goals of clients, users, the environment and society with our years of collective knowledge and insights.

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