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SKU: EXCEL-ATIM-411/39.1100.25

'+39 Lunch Extendable Table (1200m)

Designed with the aim to maximise spaces, Atim's transformable furniture are practical tabletops that can be stowed away when not in use. With its patented aluminium system from Italy that integrates all the parts within the element itself, these space-saving systems come in various sizes that can be mounted within a standard drawer compartment. Atim's transformable systems are the best solution for small spaces.

This economic space-saving system is a pull-out peninsular table top that can be stored in a space normally used for a drawer. Designed without legs to allow free access for sitting around the table, the table offers a usable table top length of 700 mm and customisable widths of up to 1200 mm. The simplicity in +39 Lunch’s design makes it perfect as a low table within a TV console in the living room.

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  • Weight Load: 60kg Evenly Distributed
  • Usable Table Length: 700mm
  • External Cabinet Width: Customisable up to 1200mm
  • Minimum Internal Depth: 390mm
  • Minimum Internal Width: Customisable according to external cabinet width
  • Minimum Internal Opening Height: 140mm
  • Material and Color: Aluminium

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