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The soft close door sliding system from Excel is compatible with 2 doors of maximum weight of 50 Kg each. The upper and bottom tracks of 3meter long each are included with the system. The entire system can be installed externally which implies that no cutting or grooving is required. The dampers remain concealed from the gaze of onlookers after installation. Anti-jumping and anti-decoupling functions characterize the dampers. The maximum thickness of wooden doors need to be maximum 20mm; whereas for alum framed door, the thickness needs to be maximum 34mm. The track operates on ball bearing operated rail and is well lubricated with self-moistening fluid that keeps the sliding process jerk free. The doors slide alongside the front of the closet without creating any noise. The dampers also stabilize the door and prevent any imbalance. This eliminates the potential of any jumping situation. The doors sit flush with the closet as one piece. When closed, there is scope for entrance of dust or other contaminants through chinks as the doors are tightly sealed. The attached brush automatically cleans the debris on the rails to facilitate smooth sliding of roller. The track and dampers have been manufactured out of high strength, industry grade, and superior quality alloy. The track would sit flush with the door. Consistency of construction material all along the body prevents building up of unwanted strain on any particular part. Comprehensive installation manual is included so that you can set the structure in place without paying a handyman. The product is cost competitive with affordable price tag. It is shipped to almost all zip locations across the country. Excellent customer support and timely troubleshooting guaranteed.

◇ Description: Soft-Closing

◇ Min Door Weight: 10kg

◇ Max Door Weight: 50kg

◇ Include Upper and Bottom Track: 3 metres long

◇ Installation Manual: Download

t809 installation manual

◇ Installation Video:


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