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SKU: E022S-SUS304

EXCEL - Betrando Italian Series SUS304 Magic Slimline Slabs Pull Out System 2 + 2

    • This Italian Series magic slim line slabs pull out system is a real utility for any kitchen or other locations where space is limited and you need modular system for keeping items handy. The design of the accessory is highly ergonomic and conducive to smooth carrying out of the chores of the kitchen. It is a pull out system with four trays, in configuration of 2+2, on either side of the central support.

      There is sufficient space available between the first and bottom tray which implies that you can store various items on the racks without experiencing any space crunch or inconvenience. The elegant design, classic and timeless looks, shiny structure, robust support, pull out mechanism, and durability render the system a must have for your home or facility. The racks are in slab structure with two levels of bracket present on each rack to serve as protective guard. This fortification ensures that fragile or other items won’t fall or roll out of the system.

      The trays are manufactured out of high quality industry grade stainless steel which would not buckle under the pressure of the items kept in the trays. Further, the structure is rust resistant and corrosion proof. It is easy to handle. The lightweight structure makes it really useful. Durable and lustrous, the structure wont’ get deformed or discoloured with time. The system is supplied by ‘Excel’ which is an international brand with lots of reputation.

      A name to reckon with in the domain of manufacturing kitchen utilities, Excel is a name that inspires trust among buyers. The structure sits flush with deep cabinets and can be pulled out from inside the cabinet for easy access to all the four slabs. Once you are done, you can again slide the system inside the cabinet and close the door.


      • Finishing: SS
      • Requirements:

        • Cabinet door width: 450mm(min)
        • Cabinet interior height: 700-900mm(min)
        • Cabinet interior width: 700mm(min)
        • Cabinet interior depth: 520mm(min)

      • Basket Size:

        455mm x 310mm x 105mm (2 Baskets) (L x W x H)

        430mm x 285mm x 105mm (2 Baskets) (L x W x H)

      • Max. Weight: 5kg per basket

      • Use only Excel--SJ Hinges:

        (Hinges Included)

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