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SKU: E007-SUS316-500

EXCEL - Colapiatti Sus316 Dish Tray + Al/Die Cast Connector

Excel dish tray and aluminium die cast connector is a valuable functional addition to your kitchen that serves to streamline management of kitchen items. We often come across messed up kitchen sink area where utensils are haphazardly placed in cluttered manner. Any inadvertent move or shove can cause the utensils to tumble off and the brittle ones would be shattered instantly. To overcome this challenge, SUS316 has been strategically designed to come to your rescue.

Available in SIX different sizes, this product is something you'll need to keep your kitchen sink area clean and tidy. It's suitable for cabinets with a thickness of 16mm - 20mm and it's best to have it installed inside a cabinet for a sleek finish.

Sporting a polished chrome finish, this product includes:

  • Package quantity: 1set/box, 5set/ctn
  • 2 tier design for drying dishes
  • 1 removable tray
  • All fittings included
  • 8 pcs Excel Aluminium Die Cast spring plug


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