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EXCEL - Costanzo - Top Stay Lift up System Nero Black Cover

    • The top stay lift up system from Excel Costanzo is a brilliant piece of modern engineering which optimizes cabinet storage and facilitates ease of access through pneumatic arms operated doors. You can order the system in heavy or medium duty dimensional variants.

      Order this eclectic piece of engineering marvel now and add oodles of functionality to your space!!

    • Test Report: Download
    • Installation Manual (EXCEL- Costanzo - 3200 - HEAVY DUTY):

      Installation Manual (EXCEL - Costanzo -1800 - MEDIUM DUTY):

      EXCEL - Costanzo - 3200 - (Heavy Duty)

      • Power Factor LF 3200-9000
      • Door weight 5-12kg
      • Cabinet Height 400-700mm

      EXCEL - Costanzo - 1800 - (Medium Duty)

      • Power Factor LF 1800-3500
      • Door weight 3-5kg
      • Cabinet Height 500mm


      • Opening Angle 107°
      • Silent and smooth ceiling
      • Cabinet width up to 1200mm
      • Cabinet height: 400-700mm
      • Door thickness: 16-28mm
      • Easy to open and stays at any desired position
      • Adjustable soft-closing speed
      • Adjustable opening and hovering forces
      • Tool free assembly and removal
      • Snap-fit mechanism makes installation and dismantling very easy
      • 3D door adjustments: Height/Depth/Side adjustment +/- 2mm

      SSHK Features

      SQ SSHK Specs

      Package Includes:

      • 1 pair costanzo lift up systems
      • 2 Dark Grey Cover
      • Fittings and screws

      Salient features of the system:

      • For heavy duty variant, power factor is LF 3200-9000, door weight supported is 5-12kg for cabinet height in the range of 400-700mm
      • For medium duty model, power factor is LF 1800-3500, supported door weight is 3-5kg for cabinet height of 500mm
      • Lift up system allows opening of cabinet door to an angle of 107°
      • Door opens up in silent and smooth manner
      • Cabinet width up to 1200mm with door thickness of 16-28mm
      • Extra muscular effort not needed to lift up the door
      • Doors stays in desired position without requirement of any support
      • Soft closing speed of the door can be adjusted uniquely
      • Opening and angular forces can also be fine tuned
      • Lift up system can be assembled or removed without any tool
      • Ease of installation and dismantling facilitated by snap fit mechanism
      • 3D door adjustment for height, depth and slide up to +/- 2mm
      • Door closes seamlessly and does not allow dirt, debris or other contaminants to enter
      • Decorative cover in black or dark grey available for embellishment
      • Ideal for application in various places like kitchen, living room, bathroom, office etc.
      • Sleek design and electrolyzed appearance add glamour to your space
      • Comprehensive installation manual provided with the system for installation in DIY mode
      • 2 dark grey cover, fittings and screws included in the package
      • The adjustment screw can be turned in clockwise or counter clockwise direction for changing the soft closing time
      • Affordable price with attractive discounts on bulk purchase
    • Installation Manual (EXCEL-COSTANZO-3200 - HEAVY DUTY):  Download



      Installation Manual (EXCEL-COSTANZO-1800 - MEDIUM DUTY):


      1800-2Installation Video:

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EXCEL - Costanzo - Top Stay Lift up System Nero Black Cover

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