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SKU: E038S-SUS304-150

EXCEL - Rufino Italian Series Sus304 2 Tier Multipurpose Slimline Slabs Pull Out Kitchenware Basket

The 2-tier multi-purpose slimline slabs pull out kitchenware basket is an eclectic and elegant accessory that helps you stack items with poise.

Item Code : E038S-SUS304-150
Basket Size : 425mm x 95mm x 480mm (D x W x H)
Inner Carcase : 115 - 145 mm

Item Code : E038S-SUS304-200
Basket Size : 425mm x 150mm x 480mm (D x W x H)
Inner Carcase : 165 - 195 mm


  • Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
  • Finishing: SS
  • Max Weight: 25kg
E038S-1 e038s-sus304-2

Stellar features of the product:

  • Telescopic system operated on runners for ease of pulling in and out
  • Standard dimensions of 150m 0r 200mm to measure up to your kitchen décor
  • Optimization of space assured as it sits flush with the cabinet in which it is installed
  • Basket size of depth 425mm, width 95mm, and height 480mm
  • Length of inner car-case is in the range of 115-145mm
  • Industry grade, high quality, and superlative strength Stainless steel internal racks provided for robustness and enduring load without undergoing deformation
  • Thickness of the front panel 18mm which allows it to withstand external pressure
  • Regular cleaning of the trays can be done by mopping with soft cloth imbued with mild cleansing liquid
  • Electroplated stainless steel finishing for optimum aesthetics and sleek feel
  • Electroplating of the structure removes vulnerability to rusting or corrosion induced by prolonged exposure to moisture or other chemicals
  • Shock absorbent structure ensures that brittle objects placed inside the tray are not violently shaken or broken when pulling the cabinet in or out
  • Rail damper muffles any noise produced during cabinet movement
  • Guide spring has been provided for jolt free and smooth operation
  • Auto lubrication cartridge keeps the rail frictionless and does not allow excess lube to spill off
  • Soft to touch handle provided for operating the cabinet
  • Temperature resistance and fire-retardant qualities ensure that the door and base are not deformed during climate changes
  • Basket can endure significant load without buckling under the pressure
  • All standard accessories like side panel, back panel, rail, grid etc. come bundled up with the cabinet
  • Countersunk provided at strategic locations to accommodate screws and fasteners
  • Comprehensive installation manual included so that you can set the cabinet in place without paying a handyman
  • Cost competitive product with affordable price tag
  • Shipped to almost all zip locations across the country
  • Excellent customer support and timely troubleshooting guaranteed

Installation Manual (150 Model): Download

rufino installation manual

Product Installation Video:

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