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SKU: E027-900

EXCEL - Wine Bar Estante

The innovative and eclectic wine bar estante from the world famed manufacturing group ‘Excel’ would make your bar glitter with its own charisma. The estante has distinctive advantage over wine glass holders in terms of more space and ease of access. Conventional glass holders are compact and smaller in size that makes stacking all the wine related accessories in one place a real challenge. The product is manufactured by ‘Excel’ which is a name to reckon with in international circuits. The stainless steel used for manufacturing of the product is of industry grade.

This implies that the holders won’t succumb under the weight of the bottles and glasses and would keep these fragile products safe and break proof. The chrome plating done on the structure offers inimitable shine and renders it rust proof. Even after prolonged exposure to moisture or wine, oxidation leading to rusting or corrosion won’t take place.

The estante can be fixed on a structure in upside down manner. Assembling and installing the product is extremely easy and comprehensive instruction manual accompanies the product. At the centre of the structure is a set of three hollow holders that run along the breadth of the estante. You can safely stack your wine bottles with panache in these holders.

As you would fetch the bottles from the same with a dash of style, the onlookers would simply awe with amazement. The estante helps you serve more customers simultaneously and would take your pub business to newer heights of success. The price of the product is very competitive at S$198 considering the spacious nature of estante, the versatility it offers, and the sturdy construction. Durable and reliable, it would last a lifetime. Cleaning and washing the product is really easy. Your investment would help you reap rich benefits from the estante.

Unlike our Wine Glass Holder, which is smaller and more compact, this wine bar estante is bigger and more suitable for you if you have small bar at home. It's made of high quality materials that will hold your high end glasses without breaking them.


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Polished Chrome
  • Measurement: W900 x D300 x H375

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