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SKU: EKWR0025-SUS304-L400MM

ITALIAN Series Sus304 2 Tier Tissue Paper Roll Scroll Rack & Spice Bottles

Manufactured out of superior grade stainless steel, the two tier tissue paper roll scroll rack is an elegant kitchen accessory that makes life more functional. The racks hang from a shiny rod and can be scrolled in either direction to meet your needs. Thick roll of tissue paper can be mounted on the tissue rod which implies that you are not likely to run out of tissue paper even after hectic use.

The spice bottle rack is on the bottom tier and can comfortably accommodate 3-4 bottles in a row. The high quality stainless steel is an assurance of durability. Despite constant exposure to water, it is not going to succumb to rust which apart from improving its economic life also offers optimum value for investment. Chemicals of corrosive nature, if spilled over it accidentally, won’t induce any damage. Wear and tear proof, the rack’s hanging rod has been tested under rigorous conditions to ensure that it can withstand extreme weight without succumbing to the pressure.

The length, breadth and height of the apparatus have been strategically designed to ensure that it can fit in any modular kitchen or other space with standard dimensions. The rack can sit flush with the wall. The cool looks of the rack would add character to your kitchen or any other space. The portable nature of the rack and ease of assembling and installation make it easy to put up at any place for a party or any other gathering.

The sliding racks ensure that guests can access bottles or glasses from either direction as per their convenience. You are sure to gain the admiration of guests on any occasion. This elegant kitchen accessory is versatile and multifunctional and has been constructed as per approved international standards. The grandeur of Italian construction will certainly lift your spirits.

A smart kitchen has become an essential space to lead a smart life. Your kitchen design does not only reflect the efficiency of your space but it also defines what kind of a working environment you choose to live in. The kitchen is the hub of all your cooking activities – sometimes dining as well – and you have to be very careful about what kind of accessories and equipment you choose to arm it with.

Excel Hardware understand the need for a smart, modern kitchen in the contemporary world, and has launched many helpful devices and accessories to make your life easier. Below, we’ll be looking at some of these equipment’s and why you should go for them.

This product features a tissue roll on the top tier and a small basket on the second one. It’s quite a handy design that has been delivered in Excel’s uniquely elegant and sophisticated style. It features a durable stainless steel structure crafted from industrial grade steel. Furthermore, its sleek design and overall chic aesthetic add to the good looks of any kitchen design. It’s a great product for anyone who’s looking to enhance the efficiency of their kitchen designs.

As you can see, Excel Hardware offers both quality as well as quantity. Now that you know of all these amazing products, what are you waiting for!


  • Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
  • Measurement: W330 x D145 x H360
  • Rod Length: 400mm

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