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SKU: EKWR0009-SUS304-L400MM

ITALIAN Series Sus304 Hanging Wine Glass Rack

Wine glasses of charming colours reflect your refined choices and eclectic lifestyle. You can complement the same with Italian series hanging wine glass rack which has a distinctive visual appeal of its own. Available at an affordable price of S$58, you can add oozes of style to your attitude with this elegant rack. The rack can conveniently hold four wine glasses with pedestal side by side.

The glasses can be hung upside down with the pedestal being pushed inside the rack for support. The rack is made up of stainless steel. The characters that set it apart are the shiny complexion, smooth texture, rust resistance, corrosion proof, and high weight bearing capacity. Every attribute of the rack has been tested under rigorous industry conditions.

It is durable and the lustre won’t fade with time. Dirty patches that appear as eyesore won’t form along the structure’s body due to constant exposure to moisture or wine spills. You can install the rack near to your wine closet and can draw glasses out from it with a dash of style to impress your guests. Two angularly bent rods with hooks at either end of the structure allow the rack to be dangled from a vertical rod. The hooked structure allows the rank to be slid along the vertical rod against which it is suspended.

This makes reaching out to the glasses easier. The rack won’t succumb to the weight of the glasses. The glasses are absolutely safe and won’t fall or tumble down inadvertently. The hanging wine glass rack is a real asset that would add glamour to your wine closet. The racks can be installed in pubs, restaurants and other such places where wine is served. It would last longer and would never get deformed or discoloured. A priceless asset with timeless appeal.

A smart kitchen has become an essential space to lead a smart life. Your kitchen design does not only reflect the efficiency of your space but it also defines what kind of a working environment you choose to live in. The kitchen is the hub of all your cooking activities – sometimes dining as well – and you have to be very careful about what kind of accessories and equipment you choose to arm it with.

Excel Hardware understand the need for a smart, modern kitchen in the contemporary world, and has launched many helpful devices and accessories to make your life easier. Below, we’ll be looking at some of these equipment’s and why you should go for them.

Wine glasses are the epitome of decorative and functional so it is only right that they be put on display and within easy reach. Excel’s Hanging Wine Glass Rack comes at affordable price and offers an infinite stylishness to your kitchen design. It’s made from quality stainless steel hooks which offer great qualitative value. This rack is durable and Excel guarantees longevity of life. It also offers a modular physique, so you can hand this rack from a rod. This rack is strong enough to hold its own against the weight of the glasses, and looks absolutely stunning.


  • Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
  • Measurement: W320 x D180 x H110
  • Rod Length: 400mm

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