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SKU: T15-3D

EXCEL - Designer - T15-3D Soft Closing Clip on Hinge W/3 Holes MP

A hinge offering 3D adjustment available at just S$4? Sounds unbelievable! Excel has made this possible for you. You can now avail of 3D adjustment function at incomparable price with Excel soft closing clip on hinge. The hinge comes with three holes that make the process of clinging onto the surface of movable units an absolute breeze. The mounting plate is also adjustable and allows for application of variable pressure on the movable portions for optimum efficiency and convenience. The lower portion of the arm that is articulated to the body of the hinge has semi-circular 3D adjuster which allows flexible maneuvering of the product in desired direction.

The robustness of the hinge can be ascribed to its sturdy construction. Manufactured out of a strong alloy of industry grade steel and aluminum, the surface is coated with silver for attention grabbing shine. The silver plating also renders the product resistant to rust and corrosion. The pressure adjustment capability of the hinge allows for soft closing of the movable parts to which it is attached to. The hinge has been designed perfectly to complement demanding conditions in both residential and commercial set-ups. The strategic design of the hinge prevents excess energy from accumulating on the surface of the body. This safeguard keeps wear, tear, breakage and premature failure at bay.

You can use the product with confidence and rest assured that sustained performance would be delivered even after frequent use. This clip on hinge conforms to the highest international standards of quality which makes it reliable and safe to use. You can install the hinge for critical activities and can extract optimal performance without any worries. The hinge is not vulnerable to slackening through repeated usage. Installation process is easy and the accompanying instruction manual carries more information about it.


  • Measurement: Cup Hole 52mm
  • Additional function: Allow you to adjust cabinet door height

This incomparable hinge is unique in more ways than one. Due to its high quality standard and advance yet simple idea of creation, this hinge comes with adjustable pressure control (Mounting Plate) and 3D Adjustment Function. Do not, for once, take our low cost of just $4 as a form of weakness, though. At Excel Hardware Pte Ltd, we ensure that our products are affordable without compromising quality.

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Hinge Installation Manual / Specifications:

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