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EXCEL - Melamine Wooden Shelf

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The wooden shelf from Excel laminated with melamine is a perfect accessory for holding things in place and optimization of space.


  • Material: Melamine / MDF
  • Measurement: W800 x D500 mm
  • Finishing: N790 / N793 / N806 / N507 / N809

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Salient features of the shelf:

  • You can specify the length that optimally suits your needs and the product would be customized accordingly before shipment
  • Available in five alluring colour options: Arnie Oak Fineline, Black Geithoorn, Kristy Natural Teak, Leona Glacier, and Renato Ash Granada
  • Basic wooden structure is laminated with melamine plastic to render it reliable, durable, and hard
  • Moth resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Robust and can endure load without undergoing deformation
  • Thickness of the shelf sufficient to withstand external pressure
  • Regular cleaning of the shelf can be done by mopping with soft cloth imbued with mild cleansing liquid
  • Wonderful factory finish ensures optimum aesthetics and sleek feel
  • Melamine coating removes vulnerability to rusting or corrosion induced by prolonged exposure to moisture or other chemicals
  • Shock absorbent structure ensures that brittle objects placed inside the tray are not violently shaken or broken
  • Soft to touch and easy to install
  • Temperature resistance which ensures that the shelf is not contorted out of shape during seasonal temperature changes
  • Shelf can endure significant load without buckling under the pressure
  • Consistency of material all along the body prevents building up of unwanted strain on any particular part
  • Countersunk provided at strategic locations to accommodate screws and fasteners
  • Comprehensive installation manual included so that you can set the shelf in place without paying a handyman
  • Cost competitive product with affordable price tag
  • Shipped to almost all zip locations across the country
  • Excellent customer support and timely troubleshooting guaranteed