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SKU: E025S-450X530

EXCEL Tandem Pantry Unit 5+5 Basket

The tandem pantry unit from Excel with 5 vertical baskets in each of the two parallel main frames is a state of the art product that has been designed for space optimization and ease of access.


  • Material: Steel
  • Finishing: Polished Chrome
  • Basket Measurement:
    Back Basket (Inner - Big Basket): D330 x W345 x H100
    Max Weight: 10kg/pc

    Door Basket (Outside - Inner Basket): D120 x W330 x H105
    Max Weight: 5kg/pc
  • Inner Cabinet Requirement: W410 x D530 x H1620 - 1920
  • Can be installed on both LEFT and DOOR opening


Twin Unit Requirements:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Interiors height 1620 - 1920mm
  • Kitchen Cabinet Interiors Width 810mm (min)
  • Kitchen Cabinet Interiors Depth 530mm (min)
  • Hinge opening angle 110 degree



  •  Suitable for 16-20mm thickness of cabinets
  • Suitable for 1 or 2 door arrangements
  • Can be left or right door mounted
  • Every small wire basket easily removed without tools
  • Adjustable of distance between each basket is available
  • Employing an intelligent pull-out basket technology
  • Abundant storage space is even a feature exhibited by the door shelving

Stellar features of the product:

  • Constructed out of high quality, superior strength, industry grade steel
  • Polished chrome finish for impeccable aesthetics
  • Electroplating of the surface prevents any rusting, corrosion or reduction of metal due to reactions triggered by prolonged exposure to moisture or humid air
  • Dimensions of the inner big basket at back: Depth 330mm, width 345mm, and height 100mm
  • Each caddy on this inner basket can endure 10 kg of weight
  • Dimensions of the outside door basket: Depth 120mm, width 330mm, and height 105mm
  • Each caddy can endure maximum 5 kg of weight
  • Ideal dimensions of the inner cabinet are: Width: 410mm, depth: 530mm, and height in the range of 1620 to 1920mm
  • The baskets can be installed on both left and door opening
  • For twin unit operation, the height, width and depth of kitchen cabinet interiors need to be 1920mm, 810mm, 530mm respectively with hinge opening angle of 110 degrees
  • Bottom is fixed upon one set of runners for ease of telescopic movement
  • Comes with mounting hardware and installation drawing
  • The unique interlocking design, with all baskets put on display, makes it easier to store items in stabilized manner secured on the shelf
  • The innovative engineering design thrusts the back shelf basket towards the user spontaneously as soon as the door is opened
  • All pantry contents are available at a glance and can be easily accessed
  • The product is shipped to almost all locations across the nation
  • Attractive discounts available on bulk orders
  • Affordable price tag which is the most cost competitive among similar products available in the market

Installation Manual: Download

Product Installation Guide:

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