SKU: KLS-P20350

EXCEL - V-Shaped Pants Rack

This pull out trousers hanger is top-mounted and fitted under a horizontal divider or shelf, and the hanger glides out on a full-extension slide for easy access. Can hang up to 10 pieces of trousers and can be assembled for right-hand or left-hand installation.

The V shaped Pants Rack from Excel has been exquisitely designed to hold your pants in place without allowing creases to appear in them. The pull out hanger has been devised for space optimization in easy to access manner.


  • W340 x D455 x H140mm

Max. Weight Capacity: 30Kgs

Salient features of the rack:

  • Standard dimensions (Height: 140 mm, Width: 340 mm, Depth: 455 mm) render it compatible for installation under commonly available shelf or horizontal divider
  • 10 pieces of trousers can be simultaneously suspended in shipshape manner
  • The hanging hooks have been provided for ease of use
  • Rack can be assembled in right or left handed manner for convenience of access
  • Top mounted rack wherein the body glides out from under shelf in full extension
  • Trouser holders constructed out of industry grade, high strength, superior quality stainless steel
  • Single extension system operated by ball bearing embedded runners
  • Moves on hanger rail for ease of pulling out and pushing in
  • Sleek finish for optimum aesthetical value
  • Signature white frame running along the top accentuates the visual appeal of the rack
  • Electroplating of the trouser holders render them immune from rusting and corrosion
  • Rack can endure significant load without buckling under the mounting pressure
  • Rack can withstand seasonal variations in temperature and would not be deformed
  • Telescopic system operated on track that can be pulled out for full extension of the rack
  • Soft to touch and pleasant to look at
  • Rod can be extended to desired amount as per need and then can be tucked in to save space
  • Rack sits flush with the shelf
  • Customization of usable width allowed by usage of high quality runners and dampers
  • Well-lubricated and ball bearing operated runners render the process of pulling in and out the rack easier
  • Dampers provided to muffle jarring sound produced during adjusting the width of rack
  • Installation can be carried out in DIY mode
  • Cost competitive price that does not dent your wallet
  • Exciting discounts available on bulk orders
  • Pull out trouser hanging rack is shipped to almost all zip codes across the country


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