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IREX - AL-Tube 3M

SKU LS003-3000MM
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The aluminum hanging tube from Irex is strong, sturdy, reliable and durable. It comes with the assurance of ‘Excel’, the brand that has become synomyous with perfection. Oval shaped tube is 1.25mm thick and 18mm wide, an ergonomic construction that is acutely suited to bear load optimally without getting deformed or caved in.

Superior quality, industry grade aluminum in strategic consistency forms the body of the tube. You can tuck the tube between suitable holders in any location across your residential or commercial space and use the same for suspending hangers, baskets, trays or anything you wish. Special treatment of the aluminum allows a soft gleam to be reflected from the tube’s surface when light strikes it at various angles. This creates a charming effect that enhances the tube’s visual appeal and bestows on it the status of a literal showpiece that can improve the aesthetics of your room’s décor.

The tube is affordably priced at S$23 to enable you to purchase as many tubes as you want to improve the efficiency of your personal or professonal chores without worrying about getting your wallet dented. The load bearing capacity of the tube is rated only after subjecting it to stringent tests in simulated factory set-up charactersiticed by harsh conditions. You can use the tube with confidence and never have to give a throught about its reliability. It is absolutely safe to use. Rust or corrosion won’t adveresely affect the tube ever.

This tube is a real asset for your space and you would be abale to realize the complete investment through stellar performance month on month. There is no comparable tube in the market which can match its performance at such unbelievably low price. This peerless aluminum tube is up for grabs. Seal the deal before the stock runs out.


  • Measurement: ⌀30 x W18, Max L3m, Thk 1mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Finish: Aluminium / Anodized Black

*Customisation of length available upon request


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