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IREX - Damper W/O Hinge

The damper without hinge from Irex is a mortise mounted arrangement whose flappable mechanism allows for softly closing cabinet doors, drawers and other such devices. The strategic construction nullifies the violent energy that erupts due to slamming of the door, either while shutting it or yanking it open. The depth of the mortise and the perfect shape of the tenon cause the flap to align seamlessly with the damper’s body; thus eliminating any scope for jarring noise.

The standardized parts of the damper allows for spontaneous closing of the door. Just a little push or pull would make the drawer or door to slide in or out effortlessly. You are not required to apply significant muscular force to operate the door. Use of the damper is an assurance that the door operates itself at safe and controlled pace. This functionality is important to keep the user from sustaining any injury due to sudden and unexpected closing of the door. Compression of the spring within the damper during door opening allows for its expansion later on for controlled closing of the door. A piston controls the speed of the damper.

The damper has been constructed out of industry grade high strength steel alloy. Its fatigue resistance and load enduring capability render it durable, reliable and efficient. Installation is easy and the screws and other accessories come bundled up with the hinge. After successful installation, the damper can be adjusted for achieving the needful angle and speed. Nickel coating prevents moisture or oxidation agents from taking their toll on the body through rusting, reduction or corrosion. The affordable price of the dampers allows you to procure the same in bulk for installing in all your cabinet and other relevant doors. The dampers are shipped to almost all zip codes. Order this eclectic product now!!

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