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SKU: EKWR0016-SUS304-L470MM

ITALIAN Series Sus304 2 Tier Corner L-shaped Corner Rack

This versatile corner rack has been elegantly designed to sit flush with the corner of your kitchen, washroom or any other place wherein you are experiencing space crunch. The L shaped rack is 470mm long and very competitively priced. Affordable and durable, the rack has been made from high quality and industry grade stainless steel. The rack won’t get discoloured or rusty even after prolonged exposure to moisture. Even if other chemicals get inadvertently spilled over the rack, the same would not be able to corrode the structure.

The edges of the rack are made by steel rods which are in continuation of the pivot rod at the rear of the structure. The rack emerges from the accessory in circular form and is visually appealing. The vertical distance between two racks is sufficient and you can place medium to tall sized bottles with absolute ease. The base of the racks is made of parallel bars of high strength. The racks are made from high strength steel which renders them capable of bearing weight of the items easily without getting deformed over time.

The multi-purpose rack is portable and can be easily placed in any corner of the room. If you have thrown a party and lots of guests have gathered, you can simply place one corner rack at each available corner of the room and stuff the same with items that guests can serve themselves to. The unbelievably low price and the assurance of Italian manufacturing brilliance make it a must have for all families. The shiny character of the accessory would add grace to the place where it is kept and would enhance the appeal of the décor. The lustre won’t become dim after prolonged use. Handy and useful, the corner rack saves space and offers multiple utilities with elegance.

A smart kitchen has become an essential space to lead a smart life. Your kitchen design does not only reflect the efficiency of your space but it also defines what kind of a working environment you choose to live in. The kitchen is the hub of all your cooking activities – sometimes dining as well – and you have to be very careful about what kind of accessories and equipment you choose to arm it with.

Excel Hardware understand the need for a smart, modern kitchen in the contemporary world, and has launched many helpful devices and accessories to make your life easier. Below, we’ll be looking at some of these equipment’s and why you should go for them.

Corner shelves are all the range in interior décor trends these days, but only Excel has managed to blends its perfect efficiency and aesthetics in the context of kitchen design. It makes nifty use of redundant kitchen corners and is pretty handy when you’re running short on space. It features the excellent trifecta of affordability, durability as well as multi-purposing. It’s quite solid in build, and will never succumb under the weight.

  • Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
  • Measurement: W235 x D235 x H435
  • Rod Length: 470mm


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