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SKU: EKWR0022-SUS304-L470MM

ITALIAN Series Sus304 2 Tier Double Rack Bottles

Manufactured out of superlative quality stainless steel, the double tiered racks can accommodate bottles of small and medium height with absolute ease. The 470mm width ensures that all bottles carrying ingredients to make your kitchen life easy can be placed side by side along the two racks. The racks are suspended from a hanging rod which is strong enough to bear the weight of the bottles stacked along the two racks.

The Italian series rack lives up to the high standards of manufacturing that the Italy grade of products take pride of. The assembling of the rack is easy. The pre-built rack can be simply hung on the rod and you are ready to use the same. The lustrous rack would add character to the place where it would be placed. The versatile item can be used not only in kitchen but in any location that you deem suitable. If you are having a party in your home, just get the rod put up at a strategic location and hang the 2 Tier double racks. You are ready to use the same without any more arrangements.

The rack can be slid with ease along the hanging rod which makes it accessible from either side without having to strain your arms. The elegant kitchen accessory is a real asset which you can use in versatile manner. All juices, pickles, spices, or other items can be tastefully arranged in bottles and placed on the double racks. The Italian assurance is always present.

The racks are durable, resistant to rust or chemical corrosion, and tested under rigorous conditions in factory set-up to bear suitable load without buckling. The 470mm length is sufficient to put up a number of bottles concurrently. Despite being exposed to moisture for sustained period, the racks won’t lose it lustre.

This is a functional and elegant kitchen accessory which is made from SUS304 high grade stainless steel that is known to be highly rust resistance and safe to use. It fits perfectly in all kinds of kitchen settings and is widely used internationally.


  • Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
  • Measurement: W395 x D215 x H338
  • Rod Length: 470mm

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