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SKU: EKWR0010-SUS304-L400MM

ITALIAN Series Sus304 Cup Holder W/Hanging Rod & D.I.Y. Bracket

This Italian series cup holder with 400mm long panel allows cups or glasses to be safely tucked within it in two tiers. Affordably priced at $58, it is a must have for all kitchens, restaurants and other places where cups and glasses are frequently used. Made from industry grade stainless steel, the cup holder comes with the assurance of longevity, durability and unmitigated service day on day. The rack is supported through two hanging rods with angularly hooked ends that can be safely and conveniently suspended from any vertical bar.

The structure has been load tested to ensure that it can withstand the weight of the cups and glasses placed on the stands without getting deformed. The rust proof structure has been strategically designed to endure consistent exposure to moisture. Even if other chemicals of harsh nature get spilled on the accessory accidentally, the structure won’t get corroded. The glasses can be placed on the splendidly shining cup holders in two tiers. On each tier, there are three holders over which the cups can be safely placed. There is no scope of glasses or cups falling down from the rack because of the robust construction.

The lustre of the accessory would add character to the space in which it would be suspended. The shine won’t go away with time and dirty or discoloured patches wont’ develop over the steel frame. The classic elegance of the design gives it a timeless appeal which keeps on becoming more attractive as time passes by. The holders have been designed in the shape of glasses so that they can easily accommodate them and allow for easy fetching without giving any chance of slipping from hand. After all, fragile glasses or cups can break easily upon coming in rough contact with the ground. Order it now.

A smart kitchen has become an essential space to lead a smart life. Your kitchen design does not only reflect the efficiency of your space but it also defines what kind of a working environment you choose to live in. The kitchen is the hub of all your cooking activities – sometimes dining as well – and you have to be very careful about what kind of accessories and equipment you choose to arm it with.

Excel Hardware understand the need for a smart, modern kitchen in the contemporary world, and has launched many helpful devices and accessories to make your life easier. Below, we’ll be looking at some of these equipment’s and why you should go for them.

You’ll never have to pull another drawer or cabinet open in order to get to your drinking glasses when you’re thirsty with Excel’s Cup Holder With Hanging Rod DIY Bracket. It comes with a 400mm panel and features an industrial grade, durable stainless steel build. It comes at an affordable price of $58 and will definitely enhance the efficiency as well as aesthetic of your kitchen. This rack is supported by hooks that can be easily installed by even people who aren’t very tool savvy.


  • Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
  • Measurement: W230 x D115 x H280
  • Rod Length: L400mm



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