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SKU: EKWR0011-SUS304-L400MM

ITALIAN Series Sus304 Knife Holder Rack W/Hanging

Knife has razor sharp edge which can make you bleed if you inattentively grasp it. While performing your daily kitchen chores, you have to use knives for various purposes. Our Italian series knife holder rack has been strategically built to ensure that your hands do not come inadvertently in contact with the sharp edge of the knife. The rack is supported by two hanging rods with angularly bent hanging points that can be suspended from any horizontal bar. Space for five knives to be safely placed side by side has been provided.

The 400mm length is spacious enough to accommodate large size kitchen knives without experiencing any congestion. This elegant kitchen accessory has been built from superior grade stainless steel which is the hallmark of excellence of all Italian Series items. The stellar and robust construction ensures that the accessory would continue to render its services over protracted period of time without getting useless. The knife holder rack is competitively priced at $58 which makes it affordable and must have for all families. In kitchen, the rack would come in constant exposure of moisture.

Don’t worry, it would not succumb to rusting. The rack has been subjected to rigorous tests under stringent industry conditions to ensure that it is resistant to corrosion, rust and deformity. You can use this item with confidence month on month. Gift your hands the elegance of this useful kitchen accessory. Fetching knives or putting them back in the rack pockets is a matter of seconds. The handles of the knives jut out of the rack holders which imply that your hands are not vulnerable to the sharp edge. The classic style of the rack and its timeless appeal make it a must have accessory for every kitchen. The décor of your kitchen would get a facelift with this accessory.

A smart kitchen has become an essential space to lead a smart life. Your kitchen design does not only reflect the efficiency of your space but it also defines what kind of a working environment you choose to live in. The kitchen is the hub of all your cooking activities – sometimes dining as well – and you have to be very careful about what kind of accessories and equipment you choose to arm it with.

Excel Hardware understand the need for a smart, modern kitchen in the contemporary world, and has launched many helpful devices and accessories to make your life easier. Below, we’ll be looking at some of these equipment’s and why you should go for them.

The Knife Holder Rack With Hanging has been designed to maximize efficiency in the kitchen dynamics. You won’t have to reach inside drawers and poorly constructed baskets to get a hold of your knife again. This knife rack has been custom designed to hold all sorts of kitchen knives, and comes quite in handy when you’re preparing a solid, home cooked meal. Moreover, it is elegant and durable – made from high quality stainless steel. It also offers a modular structural arrangement, which makes it quite flexible to use. You’ll find that this item adds to the pragmatics as well as looks of your kitchen design.

  • Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
  • Measurement: W235 x D145 x H350
  • Rod Length: L400mm


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